God Damn music video question for Syn!

Wes Summers

Nov 11, 2019
Valparaiso Indiana
Probably the most random forum you’ll see here but I was watching the music video to “God Damn” and when it came time for Syn’s solo, I noticed on the part where he uses the whammy pedal in the song, he’s doing these long 12 fret slides in the video?! I seen him live a month ago from the front row and obviously seen he used the whammy pedal but in the video he made it look like he was sliding 12 frets haha. I feel like maybe he just did it for looks because I’m sure the average viewer wouldn’t know what the whammy pedal is so it would make more sense to look like a long ass slide haha but hey I gotta admit it did look badass! Any ways I’m just a super fan of everything Syn plays and I saw that and was like hey what the hell lol

Syn Gates

Staff member
Sep 18, 2019
Thanks brother! You’d be correct, holding the same note in the vid woulda looked silly and confusing which is EXACTLY why I shoulda done it! Fuck