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Greetings from Germany!


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Sep 26, 2020
Hello people,

Just registered on this page and took a quick glance at the forum threads, you seem like a nice bunch and I am glad I stumbled upon this community!

A few words about me to introduce myself! My Name is Mo, 30yo and living in Stuttgart, Germany. I started learning guitar when I was 14, grabbing my mothers nylon guitar and started to learn some chords of a campfire songbook. Got hooked pretty fast and bought my first electric an epiphone sg a year later! With 16 I started my first band as guitarist & lead singer, ended up strumming powerchords for the next two years on various locations mostly youthclub style gigs!
When we broke up due to different reasons I kinda also quit playing guitar with it and only played occasionally on my acoustic until October 2019 when I decided giving my guitar playing a go again!

I wasn't particularly musical inactiv the last years as I had classic/jazz drum lessons for 8 years and was playing in different projects ranging from hiphop to jazz to psychodelic hardrock. My last active band was a stoner/hardrock band which I had with some good friends with which we produced an album with and played it locally several times. Sadly the visa of our guitarist ran out and he had to leave to Chile again BUT and that's where we hit present time, he's coming back in approx. 2 months and will try to stay this time!

Here we're at, just started to work on my playing again end of last year and find my self now fronting my old band as lead singer & rhythm guitar instead of drums! 🙃
But due to covid I had quite some time to spend on practice and still playing at least an hour a day, working on different stuff mostly technique, theory and our original stuff. My lead guitarist is also a sound engi. so we managed to write and produce a demo with like 7 songs, which we plan to rehears, release as an album and play live as much as possible as soon he's arriving and "the situation" allows for live shows anyhow.

Well that got quite some bit of text for now 😁 I hope you don't bother and wish you all the best & some good days!
I'll explore this side a bit further and maybe also gona upload some of my progress with it on my journey!

Best wishes,

Mike Creuzer

Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Welcome!! Thanks for the introduction. Would love you to upload stuff of your bands and your progress! Looking forward to it!
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