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Daniel Martinez

New member
Nov 11, 2019
I’ve had this question for a while about playing cleanly because either there’s too much extra noise coming out or the noise it’s too quiet with muting. It’s hard to explain but is there any advice there’s no problem with my amp or anything its just my playing If you know what I mean

Adin Shepherd

Well-known member
Nov 11, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
Hmm, do you play with a lot of gain? Try dialing that back a little. It sounds like the main issue is difficulty muting the strings you are not playing which is causing them to vibrate.
Perhaps Uncle Ben or Justin can help out……

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Ids Schiere

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Nov 11, 2019
It all kinda depends on how much gain you’re using. Gain can create a lot of unwanted noice, that’s where muting comes in. Then there is the part of creating volume without the gain but that’s a whole different story.

Alan Carter

Nov 11, 2019
If it is the other strings resulting in the noise, try working on muting with your fretting hand.
Otherwise it I could be dynamics which I found a lot harder on electric than acoustic.
Try setting your amp to mid gain (just not near full gain) where if you strike the strings hard you can hear it break up, but if you pick softer/normally it cleans up. The mid gain gives you done head room to pick normally without extra noise and when you want it to grunt at you, you just “dig in” a bit harder. Experimenting should work best on clean with your bridge pickup.
Hope I’m remotely on the right track…