Has anyone ever given boutique guitar picks a try? What were your thoughts?

Daniel Bernard

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Nov 11, 2019
I’ve tried Dragon Heart picks for a while, great tone and insane playability (easiest picks to play with ever for me). Wasn’t a fan of the shape and it doesn’t have enough attack in my opinion.
I just got some Gravity picks in the mail today, different thicknesses of the Classic Pointed Big Mini variation. I love how articulate and defined every note is with these picks but I’m not sure about the tone and playability yet but I’ll try them for a few weeks! I even got the huge 6mm one lol… But so far I think the 3mm is my favorite.
Let me know which ones you’ve tried, which ones you hated or liked and why 🙂

Ed Seith

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Nov 11, 2019
Marana, AZ USA
I bought a Red Bear Picks Li’l Jazzer some years ago. Took forever to get it, and it was almost $30US, but it was absolutely amazing for roughly two years before it broke. I ordered a replacement, but the material was different and it felt and sounded different so I moved on from them. After much experimentation, I ended up using Dunlop Ultex Jazz III picks, like 1.5mm I think. A close second was the John Petrucci picks, which are the Ultex material, but slightly larger (a little bigger than Jazz III, but not nearly “standard” pick size), and the material feel is a little different. I still hem and haw about going back and forth between the two – amazing picks. Great tone, feel, and grip.

Ids Schiere

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Nov 11, 2019
I use Wegen 3.5 mm twins for gypsy jazz. They are expensive but I absolutely love them! I did order a gravoty pick a long time ago but it took a while to arrive and I kinda needed I new pick so I tried ultex jazz III picks while waiting and actually preferred those over the gravity picks