Hello, everyone!

Nov 11, 2019
My name is Ada.
I used to play the guitar a few years ago, but it was nothing serious. I would watch a tutorial on "X" song and I would try to play it. I played the guitar for almost three years and last year I abandoned saying that I simply can't play as good as I would like to after those years of practice. I took a break for almost an year and I would pass by my guitars everyday and think "what a waste of money" (waste of money because I have three guitars just standing there and gathering dust). When people saw them, they would ask me to play something for them, and I would make a fool of myself by slowly forgetting and losing my ability to play.
I just started college and I had nothing to do except scroll on facebook (which is really lame) and that's why I finally made up my mind and decided that I should do something else with my free time. So I searched online for guitar lessons and found this site. I started at the very beginning and I am pleased with the way the lessons are explained. It is starting to grow on me, and maybe who knows, someday I may be able to play something without being ashamed.
I am kind of shy so I was not really sure if I should introduce myself, but after seeing how kind is everybody on this site I gained courage.
Sorry if there are some misspellings, English is my second language.

Donovan Etue

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Nov 11, 2019
Washington State
Hey Ada, welcome to the SGS Family! Glad to hear that you decided to pick up guitar once again. You definitely found one of the best sites around for learning to play guitar. The lessons I've found are pretty simple and easy to ingest while still being effective in teaching you the technique/chords/scales. If you stick to the lessons and get some daily practice in I have no doubt that you will be able to play something without being ashamed. I'm glad you had the courage to introduce yourself as I know that can feel like a terrifying thing especially on other parts of the internet. This is by far the nicest community I've found dedicated to guitar and it's filled with nice folks who can help you with just about anything you are trying to figure out whether it's how to execute a technique, song recommendations, and all other guitar related questions. If you have any questions fire away and ask! Once you've got some lessons under your belt and start learning some riffs/licks maybe try recording yourself and uploading it to the Media section. This way you can get some constructive criticism on how your technique is, if you may be playing the part wrong, or to just show off your progress. It is certainly a helpful part of this site that can be used to really improve your playing. Anyway welcome to the school, we're glad to have you here. Also your English skills are fine. I don't see any mistakes in your post. I wouldn't have guessed English wasn't your first language.
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Calvin Phillips

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Nov 11, 2019
cambridge ontario
I'd like to welcome you as well. I can relate to the not making progress as well as I played for years and it felt like no real progress was ever made. I guess that's probably why I was able to so easily stop and play wow.

But it's been easier to proceed and stay motivated with a place like this. The videos are amazing. the forums are an added bonus. Any answers you dont find in the videos will be found here. Dont be afraid to post videos of yourself too. That's the fastest way to proceed in every way.
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Dominik Graeber

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Nov 11, 2019
Hey Ada and Welcome to the Family! Glad to have you here. No reason to be shy in the SGS as you will find out.
You will be amazed what you can achieve by playing a little every day, watching the Lessons, asking in the Forum and showing us your Progress. Especially the Last step. It doesn't Matter if it's only playing a few chords or trying to Nail the Intro of a Song. The Feedback you get can help you immensely :)
So enjoy your stay and I'm looking foreward to see more from you around the school!
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Andrei Moraru

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Nov 11, 2019
Hello (or dare I say Bun Venit) Ada. You're going to love it here. So much to do, so much to learn. A guitar is never a waste of money :D.

Take it one step at a time, from the very beginning if you must. And always remember that this is not a race.
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Dec 1, 2019
Hello and welcome, Ada. It's a pleasure to see new faces. And please don't be ashamed of what you're playing. Picking up a guitar and playing in front of people requires a lot of courage and a lot of skills and you should be proud of it.