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Hello everyone!!


Free Bird Player
Jan 6, 2020
Well i'm "new" here and i'm writing this to introduce myself, so... let's do this.

My name is Juan Sebastian and i´m from Bogotá, Colombia, i saw the school in a YouTube ad and honestly i couldn't believe it. I had two guitars my acoustic and electric that i never touched because i had no clue how to use them and when i saw the school i took my guitar and start to follow the lessons, it's a little complicated to me because i speak spanish but when i saw Syn playing the guitar i really love it, it is amazing so i take my shoot and try to learn really slow, its been 8 months if im not wrong since i signed up in the school and play the guitar every day at least one hour, now i'm proud of myself because even that i'm really far to be an intermediate student i know a few things thanks to Papa Gates and Syn.

As i said i'm from Bogotá, im 18 years old and im a digital designer student, as a big fan of Syn i make almost all of my homework using Syn as a model 😂 or something with a Syn reference, as you can see in my profile pic. I don't know if you want to see some other works, probably if you want i could share with you, just don't be rude with me i'm just in second semester.

Big hug everyone and stay strong in these crazy times

- Sebas

Dominik Gräber

Local Dive Bar Favorite
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Hey and welcome! Glad you introduced yourself! Sure, show us your work.
    What I would LOVE to see is the progress you made since you joined the school. If you want, you can upload your progress videos to the media section and DON'T WORRY, nobody will be rude here or laugh at you. You will notice we have an amazing community here :)
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