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Sep 13, 2020
Im new here and like to say hi to everyone Im Jeff and hoping to get my skills back since its been 8 years since i played. I love guitar and when i hear one its like a godsend to my ears. When I first started playing I went bought Rocksmith bundle that came with a cheap epiphone jr and the journey began. I will say from a game that teaches you how to play its awesome and glad something like that was made. I was able to learn my favorite songs and learn at my own pace and also endless mini games and practice tools to make you a badass guitarist. Then after 6-8 months I bought my first real guitar Syn's Custom-S for my birthday and fell in love i ripped that thang til my fingers bled. Rocksmith is a great learning tool i highly suggest it but it doesnt replace a real teacher and music theory etc. So after a year life got in the way and had to sell all my gear to live and stuff and stopped playing until recently. I'm in a much better place now and can afford to do things again so i went and bought an Syn's Custom-S this time with black/gold with his new pickups and i love it even more then i did then it feels like. Im back on Rocksmith now getting back into things but now thanks to the internet i can get help here and youtube etc and cant wait to share progress with you guys. Ive lurked here and realised this is more of a family then some online forum. Im 31 now and wished i never put it down but im back and ready to shred. Oh my son loves listening to me play even though i think it sounds bad lol he loves it and he's only 4 so hopefully he will be just like Pops. Hope to see you guys around 🤘


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Christian Schulze

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Nov 11, 2019
Man its never too late to start again. Sorry to hear you had to put your axe down, but now you got your old hobby back!

Reuniting with the axe must have felt amazing!

Welcome to the family and see you around.

Also don't hesitate to ask questions!
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