Help with DIME amp fs-1 footswitch

Nov 11, 2019
So I just bought a DIME amp and the foot switch is a little confusing. So the amp is a 2 channel amp channel 1 (clean) and channel 2 (metal) when the foot switch isn’t plugged in both channels stay on (cause there’s not a button on the head to switch channels) so both channels are always on you just have to turn down the channel you aren’t using at the time then turn the other down and one up to switch which is aggravating for quick switching so when the foot switch is plugged in it has 2 buttons 1 (channel select) and 2 (both channels) so when you plug it in the clean channel light goes off and when you press the channel select button all it does is turn on the clean and doesn’t turn off the metal why won’t it switch in between channels help please.

Ids Schiere

Well-known member
Nov 11, 2019
I don’t know the amp. But my guess is that each button is an on/off switch for that the channel so basically if you press the button for distortion the distortion goes on and when you want it clean you have to press the button for clean but also press the button for distortion to turn the distortion channel off. Not sure this is it but it’seems worth a try😅

Thomas Lundholm

New member
Nov 11, 2019
Hello. I have the exact same problem. I thought that something was wrong with THE amp but when I read about tours I an not so sure. The red light is always on, on my amp. Can’t switch it off.