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Hey everyone!

Henrique Sousa

One Stringer
Nov 11, 2019
Hi everyone! My name is Henrique (Ricky for short), from Portugal Azores right in the middle of the Atlantic ocean!

I've been around music my whole life, I started playing piano when I was about 10, played for 2 years and then because my piano was actually terrible and my family couldn't afford a better one, I kinda gave up on playing and would ocasionally play just to remind myself of that feeling untill I finally stopped.

Fast forward almost a decade and I'm sitting at my desk watching some youtube, when A7x release their "As tears go by" cover which I went mental for, since I'm a fan of the Rolling stones too. I had cleaned my room and found my old classical guitar just laying in there, so I took it out and put it next to my desk thinking of "maybe one day, i'll pick it up" , and bam. Sevenfold release a fairly easy song to play / sing and the guitar was right next to me and that's how my guitar journey started.

Bought an Acoustic guitar (Epiphone PR) 2 months later.

1 year and half later, an Eletric guitar (Yamaha Pacifica 112V and that's my little baby for now , she's called Mapple) with a Boss Katana 100 Amplifier.

I play a variey of genres being my Favourite Blues , Rock and Metal.

I don't have a favourite band since I listen to a lot but A LOT of them, still for a long time Avenged were the only band I heard and till today it's the only band I never stopped listening to on the daily and they keep blowing my mind each album they make.

I'm very into blues so my favourite guitarists are mainly all Blues players.
SRV(My favourite one for sure), BB King, Clapton, Mark Knopfler (Both solo and Dire straits), Buddy guy, Eric gales etc. And of course our metal favourite, Syn Gates.

I joined you guys here cause I feel stuck in my playing/song writting etc, I only use pentatonic scales in different positions to solo, and my chord progressions are mainly by ear and I don't understand much theory behind most of what I do.

So I am challenging myself to learn as much music theory and apply it to guitar and this course seems fantastic for it! Counting on all of you for feedback and support!

Thank you for reading !

- HS
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