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🎁Holiday Gifting For Our Beloved Teachers!🎁

Jak Angelescu

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  • Sep 24, 2019
    Kansas City, MO
    Hey there students!
    I KNOW there's so much going on both here on the school and in our hectic lives these days. I've been super cautious about placing this on here again as a reminder about the fun, annual holiday gifting we do for our teachers- Syn, Papa and now Bill.

    If you're curious why he's on there now, it's because his masterclasses could have been $50-$75 a ticket and HE chose the price of $15 to keep it alongside the generosity theme of this school. Even when his colleagues were telling him to charge more, he abstained from it. He also always went way over his time limit and many students have grown because of his help 😃 So hopefully you all don't mind!

    ANYWAY, here's the link to read about this endeavor and to donate.

    If you can't donate, please DM me a holiday wish for them and I'll place it in their mailed out holiday cards.
    Love you guys! The pedal contest submissions are looking 🔥