How I learned guitar and got better

Tim Mercer

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Nov 11, 2019
Atlanta, GA
I got my first guitar around 10 and learned a couple chords and how to read tabs. When I was in high school I was kind of a dipshit punk that never went to class and eventually dropped out around the age of 17… well my parents were not having that shit so they made me do a homeschool program to get my diploma. Even then I still wasn’t doing my school work like a dumbass. Anyways, so what I used to do was turn on the tv and play my guitar all freaking day long…I wouldn’t always be practicing anything in particular I would just play different chords and try to come up with my own solos for them. I would walk around the kitchen playing, play while I did my school and play while I watched tv. I feel like its different when you are just playing around and trying different things rather than actually studying guitar like it’s a book. Now dont get me wrong my playing greatly improved when I actually started learning scales and the modes and theory. What I’m saying is practice your lessons but take a break to goof around with it and make up different stuff. You will find that things in your lessons will come easier when you do this and it will help you with your own style. So that’s my guitar story, while everyone else was at school I was sitting at home playing guitar all day lol

Dan Shipway

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Nov 11, 2019
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I have done the same but without missing school, I am currently on a 10 week break and I have been playing almost endlessly