How to roll the ring finger on this 4 string sweep?

Benjamin Bencik

New member
Nov 11, 2019
Screenshot of the Sweep Tab
Anyone knows how to roll this 12 frets with the ring finger? I just don’t know how to do it the best way even of tons of hours searching on the net. The best way for practicing so you can also play it in speed right… :/


Best possible thing to do is to practice slow. The motion with your fretting hand is slightly different but going painfully slow will help with speed later on. I find with finger rolls (In the example you have supplied) you need to make sure that the two notes on the 12th fret arent playing together, for me this creates a sense of ‘rocking’ on the finger. When approaching the roll, start fret 12 on the G a little bit lower than the tip of your finger, then when you move to the 12 fret D string, the tip of your ring finger will be in a comfortable place.
I never realised how difficult it was to explain a finger roll haha