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I am back!


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Jan 31, 2021
Hi everyone!

Twiggy here, and I am back. I started medical school about 1,5 years ago which is why my guitarplaying unfortunately have had to suffer. Also in covid times, I have been working a lot on top of my studies.

But, about me: I'm 27 years old from Sweden, been a deathbat since City of Evil was released really. Synyster Gates have always been one of my biggest inspiration (Hell, I even got the man tattooed on my arm as part of my a7x sleeve). I picked up the guitar again a little over 2 years ago after years of depression, my progress have been somewhat slow but I am improving all the time. I do covers on YouTube, and have also planned to start making vocal covers since I've also started to sing and well, on Instagram at least people seem to like it lol.

I am very happy to be here again, it's nice to see how this page has grown since I last visited it 2 years ago!

I hope everybody is staying safe and happy in these times.