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I need help


New Student
Nov 27, 2019
So recently i bought the syn gates standard because i want to play shepherd of fire for talent show and i love the way the guitar looks but I also bought a boss katana 100 amp and i was wonder how i can get a good avenged sevenfold tone out of it without using any pedals and where my 3 way switch should be and whether i should use just the humbuckers or the single coil?

Ids Schiere

Hot Topic Tourer
Nov 11, 2019
First question, could start using interpunction please? Your question is very hard to read like this.

Your 3 way switch selects the pickup you're using, usually it's on the bridge pickup during rhythm and neck pickup during solos for me.

For shepherd of fire you would probably want to use the humbuckers.

For boss katana you can probably find some presets on the internet for avenged sevenfold. I think on Hail To The King they has pretty high gain and high mids but I'm not entirely sure. Also, don't forget reverb and delay for the solos.
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