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Im back!

Ezequiel Romanko

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
Hey guys i was a little bit lost on the site i was trying really hard to track down my demos for an EP album, but it's so hard i just ended up mad at myself cuz i wanted perfection on the demos and i can't find the point where i say okay i really like this, it's always the same for me, the drums sound like crap, or they don't sound real (im using VSTs cuz i don't have drums or can't afford recording real ones) or the mixing is just shit or things like that. its kinda frustrating, i ended up downloading tons of vsts for drums and yet i didn't find one that i like, it kinda sucks. does this happens to you when you're doing your demos or songs or whatever you're doing?

Edward John

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
Are you recording this on your own? If so then I highly recommend getting a band, or even just another friend to bounce ideas off of, if you don't come up with something then its likely that your band/friends will. And for a self produced demo you aren't going to get perfect drums, heck, most major studio recordings of drums suck. I hate sample drums or drum machines, remember, not everything needs to be perfect, do you think Zeppelin III was recorded to a click? Nope. Actual drums are always better. I would get together with friends, write out some songs, play live, and try and save up to get an actual recording space. Just my opinion though. I don't know of many who went down the self production route and got signed, the only example that comes to me is NIN, but I'm sure others will correct me.
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