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Importance of a proper warm up for beginners and not so beginners

Ezequiel Romanko

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
Hi guys i've recentely seen some posts about this, and i would love to tell you some tips and the importance of warm up not only your hands/fingers but the entire body.

So let's start, when we play guitar we use more than simply our hands or fingers, just like in soccer you don't use only your foots, it's something obvious but that is easily ignored by us :( , we actually use a lot muscles in our entire arms and in our back that involve the movement of our wrist and fingers and holding the guitar so having a correct posture is essential to avoid problems or pain or even lessions in the most severe cases, to see information about the posture that we had to have check out the Lesson 2 of the site.

After that said, we must stretch our hands arms forearms fingers wrists and even our back to release tension if we had some or to warm up our muscles cause otherwise we may experience pain or sore after a time playing, this is essential for long duration sessions of practicing cause we can maybe experience some lessions if we continue playing for too much time in a bad possition or without stretches.

Here i found stretches that are useful,

It's Important we do this EVERY time before playing and after playing, this way we can have a really nice trip in our guitar Career without having annoying pain or even lessions, and actually this helps a lot with improving your playing because, did you experienced that when you grab your guitar to play the first session of the day and you feel all your body like numb and you can't play smooth or feeling a lot of tension? well that's mostly caused by our body isn't warmed up.

I hope this helps anyone having this problems, feel free to share your own tips to help with this topic, any opinion and constructive critic would be really apreciated :)

Cheers and have a great Day/Night