Introduction to Bending Strings – Lesson 43

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Ben newton

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Nov 11, 2019
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Keep on struggling to improve my bends

Parisienne walkways-Gary Moore
I think bends, vibrato and other embellishments can sometimes rely on your ear to make sure you are in tune. Your bends are sounding cool. Maybe the best form of practice is to revisit the song on a few occasions?

Putting the song aside, as practice, have you tried playing the note you want to bend to, and then approaching it from 2-3 frets below with a bend? You can really hear and feel on a much detailed scale whether you are under bending or over bending. Break the solo down a few times, and practice bits in segments and then join them up after. You could also try playing some scales, and practice bending through the scale. This would be great practice to playing bends and other embellishments across all strings and all areas of the fretboard.

Make sure you are happy with your left hand position too. You might feel more confident with your thumb locked in over the top more!

Jak Angelescu

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Sep 24, 2019
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What you're doing in this video is exactly what you need to do to get better with bends! The only thing I would suggest from here on out is to practice doing scales and then on one note, bend up to the following note in the scale. For example:
You play a C major scale. You play C-D-E-F-G when you land on G, try to bend UP to the PITCH of A. Find an A note on your neck and match that pitch :)
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