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Introduction to the 12 Bar Blues – Lesson 68

Lesson by: SynGates.com

Josh Ellis

Local Dive Bar Favorite
Nov 11, 2019
Nashville, TN
For anybody new to learning chords, the section in which he plays through the "9ths" versions, the last A9 is a typo of a sort. First of all, the first A9 should have been written as "A9/C#" because the chord has the major third of A as the root note and not the "A" or "1". Should be fixed to keep from confusing newer theory learners but after a few moments, I finally understood HOW it was an A9. Also, the last "A9", if it's correctly drawn on the clefs, then it should be written as "Am9/C" or renamed to "Cmaj7". That stumped me for longer trying to understand HOW in the world it was still an A9 having a minor 3rd in the notation. Just a heads up for anybody else rolling through who wants to stop the video player and understand the chords🤪
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