Just an idea for Brian

Tim Mercer

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Nov 11, 2019
Atlanta, GA
I think syn should write original tabs for Avenged Sevenfold songs and sell them. I would totally buy all of them. It’s so hard to find accurate tabs online. I trust my ear but some of his solos are so hard to figure out by ear. Just a thought.

Jak Angelescu

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Sep 24, 2019
Kansas City, MO
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There’s some encouragement I would like to give you. 🙂 First of all, I would like to say that the more familiar you become with Guitar, the more easily you will be able to pick these things out. You’ll be able to hear the sequence patterns, the licks, possibly where they could be on the neck, and you could even hear and recognize the scales that he’s playing. It’s starting to happen to me the more and more I actually study the guitar instead of just playing the guitar. Another thing that I would like to encourage you, is that there are so many times when Syn will play something differently and Sometimes he can’t even figure out what he played! 🤗 I remember seeing this one clip of him lent over the computer and he’s trying to figure something out and he goes “what the fuck did I play right there?” He changes stuff up all the time that you are literally going to go bat shit crazy if you try to figure out some of that stuff note for note. Things that are a little bit more easily detectable either by video or by sound such as the hail to the king or even buried alive are OK. But if you start getting into the really crazy psychotic stuff it’s going to be difficult. Because Syn really knows what he’s doing, there are a lot of times where he crunches things together and has a very difficult rhythmic approach to dissect when it comes to his lead playing. It really is a heavy dose of ear training. I think we all can agree that it would be great to have those tabs. But Syn would probably have to tab out at least 10 different versions of each song because he changes it up every here and there each time 🤗 I admire your enthusiasm for it I really do!! But I learned really well with hail to the king and buried alive that you don’t wanna waste your life away making something a 100% perfect to the studio version when the original artist doesn’t do that all the time. I hope this helps in some way 😘😘