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Lesson practice


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Apr 11, 2020
So I am a beginner and I'm doing the learning the chords lesson over. I can play all of my chords pretty well but should I do each lesson sections a month at a time and that should be a sufficient amount of time or should I take the chords and play with them in other ways?

Ids Schiere

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Nov 11, 2019
Enough time is when you understand the lesson. Like know how to play what's in the lesson and understand the concept of it.

Lucas Weiman

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Nov 11, 2019
Practice something to the point where you can do it on command, 95% of the time, at the speed you desire to perform at. That should be the goal for any guitarist, in my opinion. With that said, you shouldn't restrict yourself ONLY to practicing said chords, if you are interested in learning other material, take time in your practice schedule to practice, say, chords for 20 minutes, alternate picking sequences for 20 minutes, and 20 minutes of learning your favorite song. That is just an example.

The last thing I'll impart on you are these important questions that you should always ask yourself while you are practicing, to see if you are actually at a "good enough" level:
-Can you play your material without looking the fret board or picking hand? (assuming there are no large position shifts)
-Are you breathing normally while playing your material?
-Is your body relaxed or tense while practicing? (If parts of your body are tense while you practice, you won't progress anywhere near your potential, and at the same time you are opening up your body to injury. This is a very important point.)
-Can you play it 5 times in a row perfect?
-Are you spending equal time on every aspect of your material or are you focusing on the hardest part more? (If you are spending equal time on everything, progress will be much below your potential)
-If you play your material from start to finish right now as it is in front of people, would you be proud of it?

If you answered no to several of these questions, well, you know, keep practicing :)
If you ever have any questions at all, hit me up!
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