Looking forward to learning from this site!


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May 24, 2020
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Hey everyone! I probably started an account for this site about 2 weeks ago but decided to start tracking my progress on here and engaging with the rest of the community recently. I've been playing for about 10 years now but only just recently started taking my playing seriously and buckled down in improving all aspects of my playing so I don't want to mislead people by making them think I am a complete beginner and am just progressing at an abnormally fast level.I also just wanted to say how awesome it is that Syn, his father,and everyone else who helped create this site offers all these lessons for free for players of all levels of experience to possibly learn something new or even just start from scratch. My main goal is to be able to play all of the provided exercises and etudes at the fastest tempo they are played at and then possibly beyond that because I one day plan on getting a Synyster Gates guitar but when I do I want to be able to play on or near his level.Thanks for reading and I look forward to embarking on this journey.🎸😎👊