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Losing motivation


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Nov 12, 2019
ive been losing my motivation to want to pick up my guitar nowadays like i was all about it and excited to learn to play when i first started but now i dont play it as much as i used to its like i just hit a brick wall and lost my motivation to play or even try to learn anything i dont know what to do to kinda retrigger that spark anyone got any tips on how to overcome a situation like this?

Jesse Salmons

Garage band Groupie
Nov 11, 2019
Just take a break man. Take a break from making music, and just listen to it. Dont touch your guitar For a couple weeks. Your life doesnt have to be 100% guitar and practice, enjoy your other hobbies. Live life. Then, you’ll enjoy playing again, to where you’ll be thinking about when you can play next

Donovan Etue

Campfire Attention Holder
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Washington State
    Hey man, I can safely say practically all musicians have gone/will go through what you're feeling right now. There are a few things that could help. 1. Go through and listen to a few of the original songs that made you want to pickup your instrument. Maybe it's a super shreddy solo of Syn's, maybe it's a poppy Beatles tune that helped you get through a rough patch, or maybe it was a super tasty Billy Gibbons lick. Go back and listen to what convinced you to pickup the instrument. 2. Take a break for a couple of days and come back to your instrument. Some times we go through periods where we are playing up a storm regularly and you're learning a ton of helpful information from the school or another source and you end up getting burned out. It happens. If I'm not mistaken I remember seeing Papa Gates tweet a little while ago about not having picked up guitar in 3 months which I'm guessing it has been a while since he's taken that long of a break but sometimes it's needed. Take a couple days off, a week, hell a couple of weeks off. Come back to it and see how you feel about your instrument. Another method may be to try learning a technique that you haven't even though about adding to your arsenal. If you've been playing metal a lot and mainly tremolo, down, or just alternate pick the parts/songs/whatever maybe try working on your finger picking or crossover picking. Maybe you're not losing general motivation instead you're not getting as stimulated from improving your playing if you've been playing/doing the same thing for a while. Hopefully this helps dude!

    Dominik Gräber

    Hot Topic Tourer
  • Nov 11, 2019
    What Jesse and Don said :)
    Also, when picking up the guitar again, don't let it all be about learning and studying. Have fun, jam, let it out. Don't feel like you need to force yourself through something because playing guitar should be fun. The point at which you WANT to learn new stuff will come in it's own and that's when you will have your Motivation back.

    Ezequiel Romanko

    Free Bird Player
    Nov 11, 2019
    Im sorry to hear that brother! , but as everyone said, don't be afraid to take a break! sometimes we just don't have the desire to play and that's fine! cheers and have a great day!
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