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Mid 2000s A7X Pics


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Nov 25, 2019
St Louis, MO
So my friend told me he got a hug from M Shadows and that Syn signed his guitar at this mid 2000s show we went to. It was 05-ish in St Louis. City of Evil era. I remember the band talking to fans outside but I have absolutely no memory of these pics being taken. Then he shows me this proof. Now I want to know where the hell was I at the time to not get in these pics. From what he tells me his Syn Gates signature had some features that others didn’t (one piece neck perhaps?) and Syn said something like “Aw hell yea man you got the best one!”


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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Portland, Oregon
    Cool Pics! You really missed your opportunity there!

    Perhaps at this time only the Standard Models were on the market. 🤔
    I know they have different Pickups, No ebony Fingerboard and some other minor differences.

    I personally own a Standard. The pickups are Duncan Designed instead of Seymour Duncan, but the big difference is that the Custom has a set neck. I didn't realize that until I bought it (I bought it online and the ad only had one picture).
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