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New to the site. Proudly a Deathbat since 2007.


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Jan 25, 2021
DooLooth MN
Call me Rex. Dr Levon. El Fucko. etc.
Summer 2007. 14 year old me. Won some small bullshittin' scholarship in music class at school to a ''rock band'' camp for a week up in northern WIsconsin. Where other kids in the area who also won got together and randomly made small bands to rock out. I was aware of Avenged Sevenfold. Seen the Deathbat everywhere but I never even listened to our Huntington Beach legends. I was a strictly a Joe Perry, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, SRV bluesy old school rocker as a kid. Then the Deathbat bit me on the ass. b.i.g.t.i.m.e. The other guitarist in my ''rock band'' was tuning up/ putzing with his amp . All of the sudden I heard: DUH DUH DAN DUH DAN DUH DAN DUH DAN DUN DUNDANDALLY DAHHHH!!!!!! All time stopped. The universe stopped. The cosmos stopped. Every molecule in my being stopped and was strictly tunnel vision on what I was hearing. When the universe's gears have shifted back to normal. I asked him, "What was that?'' "'Unholy Confessions." By who? "Avenged Sevenfold." It all made sense why I've been seeing that Deathbat flying around and haunting me prior. It was a good luck charm for what was about to happen Summer 2007. Ever since then through good/horrible times. Like most of you. Avenged's music and all of them as people really have made life more less sharp on the edges. Their music is like watching movies but for the ears. To my other guitarist in that ''rock band'' I think your name is Joe Robinson or Joe Robertson from Wisconsin. Somewhere. You fucking rule. I know you're on here somewhere dude. Thanks for introducing me to these legends of legends. Bless/
Rig: Guitar: First Act ME502. Beat to shit with a blowtorch
EFX: Dunlop GCB95 Crybaby Wah. Ammoon PockRock.
Amps: Rogue 30w reverb Fender 15 watt Bass amp.
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Alicia Willis

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Augusta, GA
    Welcome to the family dude ! I think this is the best introduction I’ve seen in awhile 😂
    I am immensely curious about the guitar that’s been beat to shit with a blowtorch lol
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