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Newby.. finally bought my dream guitar (lefty)


Music Theory Bragger
Jan 3, 2021
Thank you all, didn't realize how much knowledge is on here.
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Donovan Etue

Campfire Attention Holder
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Washington State
    Welcome to the school man! Congrats on getting your dream guitar! There's something really inspiring/exciting when you get to pick up that guitar that you've seen in the Sweetwater catalog, online, or at your local store. To finally have it in your hands and in your play space.

    I can help point you in the right way to stringing your guitar anyway. I personally have 1 of my 2 floyd equipped guitar blocked off which makes it easier to work with especially when stringing. Pretty sure the first night I worked on my first I broke 3 strings. 2 of which being the high e and the second being the G string. Luckily the flying steel whip of death didn't catch me but that was certainly frustrating.

    First video is a video I used the first few times I changed the strings on the guitar. It's concise, easy to follow along with as long as you pause and go, and it works well. Another video I can't seem to find, the guy uses a 9v battery to stop the trem from sinking down. If you're significantly bumping the string gauge of your guitar it'll raise the bridge making the battery pointless at that point until you adjust the springs to counteract the string tension.

    The second video goes into how the floyd works a bit, how to tune a floyd effectively, how to block off the floyd for changing strings, and other facts/tips to use when working on a floyd equipped guitar. Ben's channel is in my opinion a must watch. He's got quite a few dedicated years to learning techniques, theory, maintenance, and other bits of knowledge related to guitar/music in general!

    I hope these vids help you out dude!

    Synner Endless Summer Collection