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Not staying focused on one thing?

William Byerley

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Nether World
    I think covers are nice to learn, but not for always ( atleast for me ). In my opinion they help you learn to use a harmonic in a song for example and changing speeds/riffs/melodies during a song is pretty difficult, like maybe beast and the harlot, going from the main heavy riff into the melody chorus part. I just woke up

    Edward John

    New Student
    Nov 11, 2019
    Hey friends! Haven't been super active here or even played much guitar lately.

    I often find myself in having too many and changing interests at once and I wondered if some of you experienced something like this as well.
    There are so many ideas in my head, styles I want to try, Covers I want to learn. But by the time I started digging into one thing, my mind is on something different again.

    Sometimes at work I can't stop thinking about how excited it will be to learn a rhcp cover and by the time I am Home I would love to write an egyptian inspired Instrumental... Is this crazy? 🤣

    You got any stories like this too you'd like to share? What are you doing in these situations?
    Egyptian style instrumental? Dom, surely you mean a crushing riff in the style of the greatest band to ever grace Canada?
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