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Radu-Cristian Perde

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Nov 11, 2019
Yeah I remember in toronto they wanted around 20k a semester for music production and theory. I couldn't afford it. I looked at syn and how he went to school and thought it'd be cool but waay too much. That's 100% the reason I liked the idea of the school. You know he's giving you info he learned from school.

But truly dude you wouldn't know that was your first time. Couple stumbles but I think that's normal for everyone. You did a great job.. if you do any more it'll be interesting to see what thr school will wann Learn more on. I think you're at a point where you could answer a question with a video and make short videos over a workshop if you couldn't gather the time for it again. I think they are that good that you'd really.only need to do it like.that but a work shop would work again too.

Once I sit down and really listen to your tracks I'll let you know what I think of your music.
Yeah it's still around that and well, I saw it as an investment in myself and I am pretty happy with where I am right now so I am not complaining! You don't have to pay it in one shot but that's beside the point.

But I really appreciate your praise man, it means a lot! We'll see how it turns out and how the next steps will look like!

And thanks for that, looking forward to it :)
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