Prolonged Absence

Dan Shipway

Well-known member
Nov 11, 2019
Hey everyone.
Over the past few months some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been as active on the site as I was before and I definitely didn’t anticipate that it would happen, life got in the way but I am just writing this to say that I am going to try and make a return very soon and try and continue to be active because this is a genuinely amazing place. Just wanted to say to all the people that I talked about doing projects with, I haven’t forgotten. When time isn’t so constrained I will get back to you all
Many Thanks
Dan \M/

Jak Angelescu

Guitarist for Unknown. Queen Cat of this school.
Staff member
Sep 24, 2019
Kansas City, MO
Dude don’t even sweat it, I just got back on after almost a month being gone. And even then I got some stuff I’m working on so don’t even sweat it! Life happens, you can’t help it. And that’s the best thing about this school is it’s here when you need it, when you can do it. As Syn says, “this is your place, use it as you see fit.” I do hope you’re doing ok though! Looking forward to your newest work!