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Aileé Guerra Aréizaga

PhD in GunsN'Roseology
Nov 11, 2019
Some of us, who signed up to the site later are unable to post any Riffs at all 🙁
I’m gonna create a forum thread in place of my Riff page, not just for the contest but to have a chronological record of them all for myself. I don’t want them to get lost on the depths of the forum. (Also, I re-uploaded my videos to my private YouTube instead of the business one to keep things organized for myself)

Calvin Phillips

Full Member
Nov 11, 2019
Is there a pattern? Like maybe the e mail accounts linked (Google vs hotmail).. maybe the guys in charge can figure out the fix if we can give them the trends that have caused that issue. Should be a simple fix once we find the cause.
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