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Short Term shot!


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  • I'm a 62 year old product/survivor of the 70's in San Francisco, then Seattle in the 80's on. My short term memory seems to be gone when trying to memorize positions (this is only one of many memory issues I have)🥳. I'm still hoping for "muscle memory" as my other is BAKED!
    Perhaps longer practice sessions? I had someone suggest removing the tab and play it with only memory. I KNOW I'm not the only individual that has had many, many years of fun and suffers from it in older age!

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Portland, Oregon
    I've found that if I stop looking at my fretboard and look at the screen/tab to play something, it gets ingrained in my memory much quicker and deeper. I like this way for learning new scales because it allows me to not only build muscle memory but it forces me to hear the scale because I can't focus exclusively on the shape of it.

    Hope this helps!