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Slipping tuner

Andrew Chung

Music Theory Bragger
Nov 11, 2019
I've got a Yamaha acoustic which, for the most part, is fantastic. However, I've noticed that the third string's tuner seems to slip further flat -- between a quarter-tone and a semi-tone -- and more frequently than do the other five -- they seem rather stable and I generally need very small adjustments unless the weather is weird. Is there anything I can do by myself to make the one more stable? If not, it's not too big a deal as it's not like the string is coming all the way loose -- I'm just curious.

Andrew Chung

Music Theory Bragger
Nov 11, 2019
Lot of possibilities. Is it a nylon or steel string acoustic?
Well damn, I haven't been back here in ages. Steel string. I've since changed my strings, and things seem better now, but I would still love some advice anyways if one of the tuners ever slips again.

Ed Seith

Supreme Galactic Overlord
Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    If it's truly slipping on the tuner, more wraps on the tuner will increase stability. The G string is notorious for presenting tuning problems across many different guitars, though. Unless the guitar has a Floyd Rose bridge and locking nut, you may benefit from some graphite or nutsauce in the string slot to keep it from catching or bunching up.


    Campfire Attention Holder
  • Nov 29, 2019
    I also just discovered from Mr. Beato that it is always best to start flat and "tune up" to desired note value. That way there is always positive pressure against the gears of the tuner!
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