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Songs that changed your life or helped you through tough times

Andrei Moraru

Full Member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    So while I continuously delay my next installment in Music Theory Requests because I suck in front of a camera, I have a bit of a different question for you all.

    What song or songs kind of changed your life for the better? Every one of us probably has at least one song they can safely say inspired them to change something in their life for the better.

    I'll start, by naming a few of them
    • Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold - back in 2014 I was kind of in a dilemma regarding what I wanna do in life; after 4 years of college in which everything I heard revolved around working in a corporation, I thought I would love it; turns out I didn't and one day, while I was in the subway and had this song playing, I had one epic moment; seriously, the chorus was playing, the doors of the subway opened and for whatever reason, there was a stage in the middle of the subway platform (there was some event going on); everything kinda made sense and I never forgot that moment to this day; I knew I had to go back to music someday
    • This Is Letting Go by Rise Against - back in 2016, while I was stuck at the same company as the previous song, I was in a miserable project again, with a toothless team leader and an even more annoying teammate; you know, the passive-aggressive kind; after arguing with both of them for the past 2 days, not knowing whether or not I should seek out new pastures, this song played in my playlist of songs; and for the whole 3 minutes and 41 seconds of it I just stood there, listening to it lyric by lyric, realizing that I too had to let go of that workplace; years later, I still return to this song whenever I feel stuck to see if gives me the same feeling as 4 years ago
    • What Happens Tomorrow by Duran Duran - this was my go-to song before every college exam; there is something so uplifting about it
    I'll be sure to add some more examples down the line when I remember them :LOL:.

    So, what songs have made your life better or easier?

    Manvir B

    Full Member
    Nov 11, 2019
    Kingston, England
    I went through a really really rough time during secondary school (high school for mah American friends) with my mental health and I did a tone of counselling but nothing helped me more than music did, It's hard to list a particular song but the main band that helped me at the time was Avenged Sevenfold they were and still are huge part of getting me into music seriously and finding somewhere where I can find comfort, I'm pretty sure my guitar teacher at the time was fed up of me mentioning Syn every lesson. A few other bands that really helped were Trivium, Billy Talent breaking Benjamin and Metallica. I definitely owe every band I listen to a thank you. Thanks for coming to my TED talk 🤘

    Jesse Salmons

    Full Member
    Nov 11, 2019
    God dude ive had so many over the years its not even funny. My brother got me into Avenged at a young age, so when he left home for the military, i listened to all his avenged collection on his ipod nano (god they dont even make those anymore.) helped me feel closer to him.

    Music has always been a huge part of my life. I was bullied throughout middle school (around the time i started playing guitar) and bands like Skynyrd, Iron Maiden, A7X, Metallica, all had that “Fuck you! Here i am! Take it or fucking leave it!” Attitude and i kind of adopted that into my personality. If it wasnt for Metal, i dont think id be here today. At least, not the person i am now. Music in general helped me through a very tough part of my life, so those bands i listened to, and my favorite songs, always hold a special place in my heart.

    Songs that stand out:
    Iron maiden-too many to list
    Avenged Sevenfold-the entire City of Evil album, self titled, and Nightmare.
    Metallica-master of Puppets and AJFA albums
    Skynyrd-their entire discography 😂

    Also like to mention i love so many other songs from other genres, just not as noteworthy as some of these from my teenage years

    Christian Schulze

    Full Member
    Nov 11, 2019
    And this is why I love music....It helps us through the good, the bad and the ugly.

    For me over the years there are several songs that mean a lot for me...so here we go:

    Linkin Park-Somewhere I Belong: As the title indicates...somewhere I belong. I moved at the age of 11 to a new country and new culture. School was not easy. I got bullied a lot and ostracized because I was the new guy. The song helped me to find myself and setting myself free. If there is no group for you...make yourself one!

    Disturbed-Prayer: For similar reasons as somewhere I belong..this song just helped me go through Highschool anxieties.
    Before I Forget by Slipknot-Another Highschool rebellion against the Bullies at my school...even though by that time I wasn't a victim anymore. I fought back.

    Slipknot Devil in I: This was my alarm clock for my exams once this song came out. It felt like I had a battalion of Warriors behind me. I was getting ready for war.

    Ghost Absolution: My song just before the exam started. To get the nerves out.

    Music enrich our lives...and to this day...I always have several pairs of headphones just in case I need my music. Cause it makes me feel indestructible (Also an strong song by disturbed for me)

    Ids Schiere

    Full Member
    Nov 11, 2019
    The Beatles are probably number one for me. It's really any song beside revolution number 9. I fractured my skull 3 years ago and had to get brain surgery, afterwards I was basically unconscious for 2 weeks and when Is as conscious I just wanted to listen to The Beatles really.

    While I was going through that I already had tickets for a John Mayer show which motivated me to fight as hard as a possibly could to be able to be able to attend that show(they told me I had to recover for two years but it ended up being just a couple months) and I did attend the show.

    Avenged basically got me through high school. I always was like the weird shy kid with low self esteem so I hided after my headphones a lot.

    Chris Johnston

    Full Member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    North Ayrshire, Scotland
    I could list 100 but the 3 ones that stand out to me are:

    Tension - A7X: Before Covid, when I used to do lots of weekend work DJ'ing in Bars, I'd have no social life, little sleep and I would get insane anxiety before work. I literally felt trapped in that job. Tension just spoke to me during that time and calmed me down - It's like M Shadows could directly relate to working your life away, and the solo is still one of Syn's most underrated in my opinion. So great tune!

    Home - Foo Fighters: This song helped me through quite a bad bout of depression after a horrible breakup & Parents Split when I really didn't feel like myself for a good year and a half - It's strange because the song is quite sad in it's self, but something about that seemed to help me get things out and move on with life. Best part is where the strings enter.

    Airbourne - Bottom of The Well: I always forget that this is the song that made me want to really take being in a band seriously. It was actually the live performance of the tune at The Barrowlands, Glasgow that just gave me chills. They added an extra instrumental part of the opening riff and the singer just lay on the floor playing it, looking up at the ceiling. It was just one of those moments during A gig where you're like 'Holy shit I want to do this'
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