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Soooo I just finished my last lesson with Bill Hudson....

Christian Schulze

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Nov 11, 2019
My Beloved Synner Family, CJ here.

So as many of you know, I started my lessons with Bill Hudson as part of my Rockstar Student Reward and today was our last lesson. That made me kinda sad to be honest. As we said our last goodbyes I kinda felt like...man...what do I do know?

Having been his private student for a month now....It really cleared things up for me and I gotta say this:

I 100%, no 1000% percent encourage every single student on this wonderful site to take lessons with him. Be it in a Masterclass format or even private.

As to why I encourage taking lessons with him.....I will soon make a video illustrating one of many examples.

But what did I learn in my 4 weeks with Bill, you may ask yourselves.


I am actually starting to become a friend with that fucker called metronome (AND YOU SHOULD TOO, DONT WAIT 4 YEARS LIKE I DID).

I reshaped my fretting hand to be more ergonomic....and now I am working on reshaping it even further to become even more efficient.

I learned a little theory on which I will expand upon in the coming months.

To sum it all up basically...over the course of 4 lessons has has given me homework that will transform my playing. I mean it has already..but It will even more.

As my final words I would like to thank our Admin @Jak Angelescu for giving me this amazing opportunity. To be crowned the Rockstar Student really blew me away (and still does....). Amongst all my rewards, the lessons both with Bill and @Hector Trejo are making me get to the next level in my playing and that is priceless, and I could not be more thankful for that....

Ok nuff said...where is that fucker metronome!

Jak Angelescu

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  • Sep 24, 2019
    Kansas City, MO
    I don't even have any words to say how happy I am To read this. I am so glad that so many other students are being able to have him as a teacher now. And reading your actual testimony really made my eyes water with happiness because you deserve it so much and to know that you benefited from it just means all the more. I cannot wait to see your work in action!
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