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Sweep Picking Parts with one finger

Julian Wiechers

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
Cheers guys
I'm currently about to practise sweep picking as I wanna learn these godly parts of The stage in the end.

Im doing quite quell with the technique but i got one major problem when it comes to pattern that requests 3 different strings on the same fret or even only 2.
Likein one time in the stage it goes:
18E - 15E- 15B -15G - 17D

I just cant separate these notes from each other and my brain like stops sweeping with the right hand and starts picking the single notes again.

Anyone with the same problems and some tips or tricks how to overcome this one finger sweep problem?

would be thankful for any advice
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Manvir B

Garage band Groupie
Nov 11, 2019
Kingston, England
Hi Julian! This was something that took me a little while when I first started learning so I definitely understand where you're coming from. I'm definitely in no position to tell you what to do but what I did to get over this frustration was to just go super slow alongside a metronome, my problem was trying to perfect my left hand , making sure that when I was rolling my finger, in this case your index it's in perfect unison with your right hand. I find everything comes so much easier and quicker when you go nice and slow. For me it was all about patience.

On some occasions you can also perform sweeps like these, without having to barre your finger. Here's a really popular video by Jason Richardson that explains it well. However for this sweep I would just do it "normally" and roll your finger This is just something extra to look at :
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Ids Schiere

Hot Topic Tourer
Nov 11, 2019
It's a tricky technique but that's done by rolling the finger over the fretboard, it's a way of fret hand muting and pretty important if you want to sweep through any shape that isn't they C shape.
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