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That time when I held a Presentation about A7X in school

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Gabriel Perez

Full Member
Nov 11, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT
I did the same except my presentation was on a Creative Person and I chose Synyster Gates. So I had to get all the mannerisms from watching videos and even had to dress like him (I don't pictures unfortunately) which was a fun presentation. I had people write song lyrics for the presentation activity since it was a part of the assignment. So I was talking in the first person a lot. Probably the best presentation I did.

I also got to do musical quotations and Hail To The King (album) is filled with them since it's an homage to classic metal bands. So I did Shepherd of Fire vs Enter Sandman. That one was a close second in presentations. Plus I got to geek out about Avenged Sevenfold. College is fun sometimes.
Synner Endless Summer Collection
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