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tip for when you think you're stucked on your playing

Ezequiel Romanko

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
hey guys how is it goin’? i created this post for people who thinks or feel like they are stuck in their practice progress, a very cool thing to do to not feel like that is playing something related to the skill you’re learning for example if you’re practicing alternate play something that uses alternate, like the syn etudes of alt picking for example, and play at a speed that you can’t play it but try your best to play it,and record it, then practice alternate and that excercise slow at a comfortable speed EVERYDAY and gradually speeding it up, and after a week of practicing record yourself again playing the same you played when you first recorded (the impossible thing to you to play) at the same speed you played it when you recorded it, you may find something really cool, like you can now play it better than the last time, cuz yes you may can’t play it perfect at that high speed but you will find that you’re closing the gap, and you will see it in the video. that will help you to keep your motivation. because what i see most on the forums are that people thinks that if they can’t play some solos at the original speed they’ve heard ’em, they automatically thinks that they hit a deadend but that’s not always true, cuz progress is not something that shows in great amounts of speed or techniques or anything, its something much small like the way you put your fingers, the precision, having a better sound when you play notes,etc. and that takes time (a really long time). does anyone else have another tip to add? it would be really nice to see you guys opinions on this , a very common problem among musicians

Calvin Phillips

Music Theory Bragger
Nov 11, 2019
I’ll take that a step further. Weve had people suggest in the past to go faster then the normal speed of the solo. Push your limits. Then bring it back. The progression usually improves dramatically just by doing that.