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Christian Schulze

Hot Topic Tourer
Nov 11, 2019
How are you doing my beautiful Synner Family!?

I just wanted to leave a little advice in here. I started using the school around 2 years ago. I did most of my lesson taking around a year and a half ago. From the beggining to the advaced section I wrote down the material imparted in theese beautiful lessons.

I took the classes, practiced a little bit the imparted knowledge...and then moved on to the next lesson. Nothing wrong with that, BUT!

I mostly forgot what I did not use.

So here is my advice. Please...if you learned something...Try to implement it in everything you are doing. For instance, right now I am living in the key of C Major. I did my fretboard knowledge and now I am starting to kinda visualize the Fretboard.

I heard how triads are this cool thing that you can use to help you with that....So there I am on youtube looking up videos on Triads...and they are just the chords withing the chords of the CAGED System....go figure. So I am going back to my trusty notebook where I made my notes of the site to look at the chords within the chords of the CAGED System.....

If I just used and applied the Knowledge gained so early in using this SITE.....I would have been twice the guitarrist I am now. I know it seems a bit hard (It certainly is for me!)

But try to really integrate all you learn here into your playing. It will certainly help you find yourself.

Hope this little reminder helped. :syngates:

Calvin Phillips

Music Theory Bragger
Nov 11, 2019
I felt I was writing a riff with every lesson..once that riff was made I resorted to finishing it and making it into a song. The lessons gave me so many ideas I found myself writing an entire song idea a day. I tried exactly what you're saying and expand the riff to include the lesson working on. Most of those songs became something.

Then the improvs came to 20 minutes. Which was me practicing the runs over made up chord progressions. Some of those riffs became songs. Most didn't. But always wanna try to relate the lesson to a song or riff. That way you practice the riff over the lesson. And youre doing the lesson anyways.