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Vibrato questions


Free Bird Player
Nov 25, 2019
St Louis, MO
I've got about 20 years of finger vibrato habits I'd like to balance with wrist vibrato as some have suggested on here. I pretty much self taught vibrato before I completely understood the concept. Looking back on it, I realize now most of my vibrato habits (essentially exaggerated finger vibrato) come from making adjustments. My first guitar that I played on after learning the basics and taking playing seriously had a notorious knack for the e string going out of tune early and often, and also fret buzz around the same string. So I would often make adjustments to try to hide it while also "trying to get that sound". So I almost sort of ran into my vibrato thinking "oh yea this is what I hear/see the greats do to sound good" but half of what I was doing was just trying to vibrate the string in an exaggerated manner to hit the pitch correctly and hide unwanted noise as my ears were better than my fingers at the time.

So I can't promise I will get this worked out in the near future but gotta start somewhere. With efforts to add a wrist vibrato to my arsenal does anyone have a link to a lesson or explanation on that? From what I understand so far there is basically full arm vibrato, wrist vibrato, finger vibrato, and side to side classical finger vibrato. Anything I'm missing?

Side Note: I noticed while writing this that Asian spam is bombarding our riffs section again. Pretty hilarious good luck to whoever's job it is to stop that.

Ed Seith

Supreme Galactic Overlord
Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    Vibrato is one of the most personal aspects of playing you can have. While it's important to develop all ways to achieve it, it is MORE important to be able to use it expressively and to express multiple feelings and emotions. It is ALWAYS something to work on and with, and it's always a journey. ENJOY IT!

    Calvin Phillips

    Music Theory Bragger
    Nov 11, 2019
    Honestly.. I donk think about my vibratos.. they come natural to me. Same with bends.. after a while it becomes instincts. How much you wanna bend. I feel I don't bend deep enough personally.. I feel it's usually half steps but when I'm playing.im.not thinking "I'll bend it this much " I'm thinking play to the bend.. vibrato." Every thing else is just whatever my fingers think my ear wants. These days.. it's pretty on par to me. But I've been doing it for years. Now that I know the theory I can hear the bends a bit more but I still dont really plan them.
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