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New Student
Oct 10, 2020
I love unusual guitar tone and playing techniques.
As an example. I’ve chased the Edge and his U2 guitar tone my entire life.
The chimes are like bells.
I just ❤ Vox!

Meanwhile, here in America, I recently learned the U2 sound was inspired by “The Skids” and Stuart Adamson.
His picking techniques, tone and style are undeniably the origin of early U2 like the “Boy” album.

Enjoy...“The Saints are Marching.”


Brian Haner Sr.

Staff member
Nov 11, 2019
I've always admired the (rare) player who comes along and sounds different than EVERYBODY else. Edge is a perfect example. If you're looking for a Hendrix, Van Halen, shred-guitar hero - he's not that guy. He used/uses his guitar like an orchestra. He doesn't ask himself how the part relates to guitar. He plays a ton of stuff that is actually "awkward" for the average guitar player. He plays "music" - not "guitar". And this didn't happen by accident. In interviews he has said he spent his career trying not to sound like Clapton, etc. His use of effects is as game changing as any shred guitarist. He is definitely a guy to study.
Synner Endless Summer Collection
Synner Endless Summer Collection
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