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What Do YOU Want to See on the SGS

Alicia Willis

Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Augusta, GA
    Hey y'all !

    I think by now, the majority of the our lovely members have seen @Jak Angelescu 's forum posts. And boy did she bring up some amazing topics!

    It has been quite a while since the inception of the school, and while we have had some changes, a lot of things have remained the same throughout the past few years.

    I wanted to start a forum post that's 100% open to all of you to address the things that you love or don't love, and also any ideas you guys have for the school. (100% NO Judgment)

    What do you guys want to see? What are some things that would make you engage more ? Are there any lessons you would like added or expanded upon? Are there certain things you don't personally feel are working out well or things that you don't particularly care for? Would you change the layout of the school ? etc. etc.

    Your responses can be literally anything !

    Let's use this forum to gather as much information as we can !

    I kindly ask you guys to please keep this forum to the subject at hand. I know we love to joke around, but I would really appreciate it if we can just use use this forum as a means to gather information.

    Also, if for any reason y'all do not feel comfortable speaking here you can always PM me personally and give your thoughts and opinions.
    We all want and value your opinions as you guys are the ones who make this school/community what it is !

    Lastly, in the future if you guys ever have any suggestions, there is a forum section where you can voice those. I know we have had a lot of new members recently and y'all may not know this exists. Check it out...we are always eager to hear from you guys ! :)
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    Ben Grosskreuz

    Garage band Groupie
    Nov 11, 2019
    I love the community, but maybe it would be nice to try to involve more students, since most of the time it is always the same active students, the ones who post the most on the forum, perhaps more contests or some topic where they can express their knowledge about music or other things related to their inspirations when playing guitar. The youtube sections would be very interesting, this would attract a lot of attention from more students.
    They can still post and I feel the attention on threads have to do with the content not the creator.
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