What is your favorite song from The Stage album?

Chris Johnston

Well-known member
Nov 11, 2019
North Ayrshire, Scotland
The songs that stuck out the most for me were: Higher & Exist.

As someone fascinated with Space as a topic, the whole vibe of both Higher & Exist gives me chills. It was just a weird stroke of luck that my favorite band explored one of my favorite topics when songwriting.

The speech from Neil Degrasse Tyson at the very end of the record was amazing also, and the way that it fades out to the big triumphant ending on the I chord is the perfect end to the album and the message it sends. Every time I listen to it it reminds me that everyone is just on this ball of earth in the middle of nowhere and we're all really lucky to be here experiencing this time and music. Its pretty crazy when you stop and think about it!