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Why is this so damn hard? Practice discipline

Christian Schulze

Hot Topic Tourer
Nov 11, 2019
Ailee pretty much nailed it. Procrastination as it's best. With work you hate to wanna "plan" more work so instead of practice I have actually loved the idea of your mode a week jams. They are short and challenging and also not really a practice as imorov isn't a practice.session.
Im just about to finish it today. Just about to record the last one!

Calvin Phillips

Music Theory Bragger
Nov 11, 2019
you should change it up. Ive been doing something similar.. but im not at the part of modes yet. I'm starting with the usual progressions for the major scale before jumping around. Learning all those different positions. And the relative minors, and how close they actually are to each other ;)
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Ids Schiere

Sold-out Crowd Surfer
Nov 11, 2019
I actually thought about this for a little longer. I'm 100% guilty of saying 'i'll do it later' however, I noticed that if I say that and don't actually do it It makes me feel bad and dissapointed in myself so I formed the habit of when I say I'm gonna do something later I actually do it later. This allows me to trust myself (say you're gonna do something and not do it is kind of a pet peeve of mine) and handles the stress of not overflowing myself with things I have to do at a particular time. In principle there are 16 hours in a day so prioritizing what's important kind of makes sense, saying 'I'll do it later' actually helps me prioritizing things. It also helps at moments where I feel unmotivated. 30 minutes of motivated practice is better than 2 hours of unmotivated practice so saying "I'll do it later" is completely fine sometimes. I mean spending 2 hours on something when you feel uninspired while the next day it may take you 30 minutes sounds a bit like a waste of time doesn't it? Time is something you can never get back 😅

Maybe we shouldn't all be so hard on ourselves all the time because I think that may be where this feeling comes from, there's no date at which you need to be able to play a certain technique or song. Just chill a little bit, I've had the schedule of one song a week for about 6 months and it drove me crazy after a while 😅

It still has to be fun you know 😅

(this obviously doesn't count for showers, cooking, chores like cleaning, doing dishes and doing laundry, you will always have to do those regardless of whether you want to)