Wrote down ROUGH Tab for the final fast tap of "The Stage" Intro.

Benjamin Bencik

New member
Nov 11, 2019
I really slowed down the Guitar Track of the stage from youtube video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1UeQ_yyNKI this one right here
and as I listened really carefully I wrote down how he played this last bit. So here it is: https://prnt.sc/kdbd2q
As I said it’s rough written so I haven’t put any notes above the tab but if you go on the guitar track and slow it down let’s say 50 percent on youtube you’re gonna hear the exact notes from the tab. Keep in mind that in the first A Minor arpeggio I have written over here https://prnt.sc/kdbf8x as you can see there is supposed to be a 10 on the A string between but he plays the thing soo fast that I decided to skip it and go to the 14 on G immediately.
All though I still want to ask you guys I don’t know how can manage to play this red part that I’ve circled is he just tapping on the open string basically? https://prnt.sc/kdbggy