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Let it be known: never allow yourself to be stressed out for extended periods of time.

My body decided it's time to let loose and break down in ways I never thought possible. And this is after I am finally recovering after a stressful period (think "singing doesn't bring me any joy anymore" levels of stress).

That being said, check out my latest theory thread where we talk about time signatures and tempo.
working on the drums of a song i made a couple years ago
I was just showed this website and now have an account, i take guitar and all but this seems way better than taking guitar at school.
is more easy to doing descending notes than ascending one,

idk why

and using pinky when ascending on high e note ( 21 - 19 -17 and go lower ) need extra work than using ring finger,

it feel so "easy" and clean when using ring finger to ascending rather than pinkly.

until now, it still hard to do a fast bpm ascending with pinky without ringing the "e string" when go to "b string".

need more advice ..
I have a test tomorrow, what the hell am I going here?

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