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hey guys, I was wondering how everyone here works on their timing groove etc. Is metronome the only was to get a good internal time feel.
Any exercises to work on this?
Brian Haner Sr.
Brian Haner Sr.
Hey Dhananjay!
Play your metronome on 2 & 4. So if you want to play a groove at 100bpm - set your metronome to 50bpm (half). Each click say 2,4,2,4, then add a 1 & 3 in-between. Like this:
2, 4, 2, 4, 2341 2341 2341 etc. Then start emphasizing the 1 until it feels right. It's tricky at first because you naturally want to put the click on 1 & 3, but once you "hear" the click on 2 & 4 - you're ready to jam, practice, etc.
If your brain turns it around and puts the beat back on 1 & 3, start over again.
This exercise makes you responsible for 1 & 3. It help sets your internal clock and will improve your time & groove by 1000% percent.
Chris Johnston
Chris Johnston
A metronome is a solid way to get your timing & rhythm down for sure. If the click gets too tedious though, there are Drum tracks on youtube that work great. Search '4/4 drum beat' & some should show up.

You also can't beat jamming along to a track to build your groove too 👌
Dhananjay Chhettri
Dhananjay Chhettri
Thank you for the advices. Will definitely try the metronome on 2 & 4 as Papa Gates suggested.

Avenged Sevenfold-Afterlife solo cover
Synyster Gates has always been my biggest inspiration,i played guitar for many years just to master this solo,and the day came.
i also inserted additional licks to the solo and created a presolo.i hope he watches and likes.
Greetings to all members of this beautiful community

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