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Yesterday, @[5:@Jak Angelescu] mentioned that I should look to improve how I use my pinky finger, and so that's what I focused on today! A few notes: 1. The tucking-behind problem seems to be sorted, I think? 2. It still tends to stray from the fretboard a lot, it's hard to keep it close. 3. I think I'm tucking in my elbow too much? Gets really uncomfortable as it progresses 4. I'm feeling some tense-ness/strain in my arm, and I'm not sure how to fix it 5. Is it normal for my pinky finger to try and twist slightly? I tend to catch the string to the side of the tip of my finger (My left) 6. I stayed seated for this because I figured I should get it right first before throwing that into the mix, there's already a lot going on with the thumb, the fingertips and the elbow thing. So after an hour+ of trying, I'm gonna give it a rest and try continue tomorrow after my exams! Any and all tips are welcomed! Cheers!
Back then I'd just memorize the harmonies and mindlessly shred over the shredding bits, but this time I took the time to literally slow the song down & properly pick out the notes. Asides from the technicality, I also developed a deeper appreciation to the chords used in especially the 1st solo. While they were played in power chords, my curious mind led me to try and figure what the full chords could've been(while appreciating @[2:@Syn Gates] 's choice of notes. Here's what I picked out(correct me if i'm wrong): G - Cm - F - Bb - Bb-A(passing)-Ab - G - Cm - A(not sure if it's a 7 but a plain A aurally works) I figured that the chords were not the typical "Dm" chord family(since of course, the main riff is already using the Phrygian bit(again correct me). I asked my teacher(after 10 yrs of playing, i finally got myself a teacher in Aug'20), and he shared the chords in the 1st solo were moving in circle of 4ths.
Practicing for the next part of Master of Puppets where I left off in my last video. Still learning and practicing so there’s some hesitation and wrong notes...
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Happy Synner Sunday everyone! I think this is the first time that I'm uploading a literal day 1 riff :D. The first two Skid Row records are very high among my favorite albums of all time, and this song is definitely one of my favorite songs of all time. So I felt it is time that I gave it a shot and start learning it. And I thought, I would couple it with my second run of the #onemonthchallenge. So here is the raw day 1 footage, I haven't learned anything more than the main riff so far (track is on 75 % speed btw). My set goals for the next month are much simpler than last time: Just see how far I'll get with it, and try to upload a progress video for every synner sunday. So yeah, we will see how it goes.
Back on this solo!! I first tried it in november and quickly quit after barely learning the notes of the first part 😅😅(I'll leave the link of that video at the end of the desciption if someone wants to check out where I was at with this) BUT!!! we are not quitters, so I got back to it with the tutorial by @[4668:@Alicia Willis] (check that out!!!). I'm playing without backing track or metronome so it's not on time, but I hope to get that done for next week! As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Happy Synner Sunday fam🖤 https://syngates.com/media/synner-saturdays-beginning-to-learn-the-warmness-on-the-soul-solo-the-struggle-is-real.4355/
Trying to get back into things - Again! Working on the A Minor Pentatonic Scale, but all across the fretboard today, as shown to me by Bill. A few things to note that I'm trying to work on with this: 1. Keeping my thumb behind the fretboard 2. Using the tips of my fingers, not the pads 3. When going up/forward, not removing fingers from notes until the next string 4. When going down/backwards, having fingers already in place before pulling off. 5. Trying not to tense my arm (Failed, oops) It's a lot to do, and probably too much to try in one go, but given the time I've had off, I wanted to try a fresh-ish start? And I wanted to do it the right way. Not sure how I did though, so I would love to hear any advice! Cheers!
CC Always welcome! For not being motivated for creative endeavors for the last few weeks, I finally picked up the guitar tonight. Didn't do much other than run through Do Re M...
My favorite song of KSE The End Of HeatacheInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/co_sevilla/GearGuitar Rig 5Behringer UMC 202HDLine 6 Floor PODIbañez RGA72QM
I got the double chin action going here! So, one month has passed and I managed to learn the whole intro and get into crazy two finger tapping. I kinda reached my goal to play the whole thing up to speed but you can see still veeeery sloppy. Anyway, that won't discourage me (I hope) so I will still practice this beyond the challenge. Really gotta go back and practice slower, clean up my playing. Some stretches are TOUGH


I had some free time so I figured I'd make my own version of one of my favourite songs Of all time. The organ is not exactly the same and it's mostly just me having fun so i left a bunch of imperfections in. Hope you guys enjoy
Okay, pants down, here is another playthrough one month later xD. As you can see, I didn't quite get as far as I planned originally. After seeing the footage, my "guitar faces" while strumming simple open chords are hillarious. Otherwise, please excuse how my B strings sounds out of tune, I have no clue why. The tuner says it is perfectly in tune, and also well intonated at the 12th fret, so I have no idea, why (especially fretting the D on the B string) sounds so out of tune. I don't think it is an accidental microbend. Anyway, I think my focus for the next 2 or 3 month (and it was already for the last 2 or 3 weeks) will be way more on rhythm and practicing song playthroughs and way less on super lengthy guitar solos, because I realized that I was neglecting rhythm and full songs too much.
Please be honest because this sounds like dog shit to me. I've been working on this for weeks and haven't progressed past 48 bpm. Getting frustrated. Am I on the right track?
5th song on the Centzless release. This one is more a throwback to the earlier sound I've shared on songs I wrote. And because of that, i felt the vibe of the lyrics would have to relate too. Refer to comments for a pic and explanation of the song.
Nightmare solo

Nightmare solo

Iv'e already posted the nightmare solo once on here but iv'e been at it everyday since then i feel like its getting there slowly but surely i'm hoping to get it down perfectly at some point.
Was playing around with my Drop pedal tonight and decided to take a crack at the KSE version of Holy Diver. Not perfect and I struggled to get the pinch harmonic right. Fun riff though.
I learned the alternate picking X etude but didn't really feel like learning it at Syn speed so made up some of my own stuff in that place. I'm a little bit out of practice on the shredding department so probably could play that better but ooh well
Noticed a couple people with questions on positions and keys.. etc. This video is aimed at them. Basically I'm talking about taking a chord. Finding the root note on a certain string and playing the minor and relative major arpeggio in that position. And how that has helped me identify correct voice changes between chords when improving. I'm literally playing the same position and scales over every chord now. Ask if you have questions. Sorry it's longer then I wanted.
Heard this song for the first time recently and decided to take a shot at the intro riff before work today. The verse riff is going to be a test.........