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Standing up for @[5:@Jak Angelescu] 😘 (the acoustic is light) Intro and main riff.... Playing around with the katana...never really used it but it does give those bass notes a little punch which is cool. Standing up playing this is AWKWARD, but at the same time kind of fun lol. Maybe eventually I’ll look cool doing it ! 😎
This wasn't the challenge assigned to me but I consider it one anyway. Simple songs are underrated. I kept messing up the order so I planned on only making a small IG cover but to my surprise it felt good enough to continue the whole song, even with the mistakes. (In one take!) There is too much low string ringing when I play the high notes but I don't really hear that in the video and I still see some hawk hands too. I usually move more, filming takes some of that freedom away.
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Carlos Mauricio Owens
🇪🇦No dejes de aprovechar el tiempo de cuarentena para volver a estudiar tus solos favoritos! Hay mucho que puedes re-descubrir! El estilo particular de Marty Friedman está muy basado en utilizar...
5 days off for easter. Thats the best quarentine ill probably get. Day one starts tomorrow. We finish improv year 2 with a fucking bang
Jak asked me to speak a bit louder, I hope I succeeded in doing so. You can also still vote for the one I'm doing this week here
I know I am not playing standing up. Unfortunately I am still recovering from my head incident and I can only play standing up for so long. However these les...
Evanescence The Weight of the World
Not exactly like the original, didnt play the acoustic part and changed the lick at the end, I think it turned out really well, the end of the lick is pretty much the same what Terry plays anyway xD Few things is theres a part where I play some octaves and doing that standing up I had to use my index and pinky instead of the index and ring fingers :o The little "solo" at the end while I was trying it sitting was so easy and standing up I had to bend myself and adjust the guitar a lot so I could reach the frets I wanted xD But anyway enjoyed a lot! Sorry about the quality its supposed to be 1080p but I think my phone is going crazy xD
Quarantine Jamz Nr.5 A fun little experiment.
Gearing up for that shredd collab learned Audio and some video editing. Hope you enjoy this little jam. Used Audacity and Olive. Both free software. There are also some really cool tutorials for boty of them online. Let me know If you want me to share them!
Beginner section: Practicing the c major scale and major scale. This is my first training video on the scales. I know I'm still green on the guitar I would like to know what you think and if you could give some tips to improve? Cheers
#Riffchallenge Original
I was nominated by a friend Adam Lutz. Hoping to see my buddy Nick Ulmer post, who also was a former band member with me. I nominated some fellow Synyster Gates Master Class winners, check them out! Adam Dominguez, @jamespaullagraff, and @swain033. Krys Escobar was another, but he already had one done.
As a follow up to my asking for advice on string noise, I made an exercise to help with string muting using basic sweep picking. I can kill 2 birds with 1 st...
Quarantine Jamz Nr.4! This Charming man
$ynners...I finally did it. 100% speed. Im so happy this is one of my all time favourite songs. I love the unending arpeggios. Johnny Marr is one of the Greatests!
Playing around with Wasting Love by Iron Maiden. Haven’t been in the most creative mood, so trying to just practice things I’ve learned before. Playing rando...
there are many slips in this song, but this is my next project. I've wanted to learn this song since it came out a year ago. I have all the chords its just getting the positions down and the progressions right, There will be another video in the near future when I have everything down right,. The solo parts are improved. They also will get better as I figure out the notes and positions they go for in those areas. THey use a TON of chords in this song.
Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
10pm and I cant put the guitar down even if Im not even focused on practicing or whatever xD My neighbours must hate me at the moment as Im playing a bit loud xD Just a quick video anyway!
After taking a break yesterday, I came back and improved! I'm a lot more confident with playing this now, just one slight slip-up nearing the end which you'll definitely hear but I think I recovered well. I'm playing along to the official soundtrack, and the timing at the start is pretty hard to nail down, but I got really close! Finger positions are a lot better too, just gotta work on slides and making those notes sound smoother. It's not so easy standing up, but worth it! Got a better tone on the amp too, it's not much but it's better! Hope you like it! \m/
@[477:@Ids Schiere] challenged me to play this means war, so here’s me having fun with the whole rhythm part of the song!