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2 years ago today I last saw avenged. Here's the album content. I'll add the videos in the comments
does anyone know HOW compress a sound? i’m recording a song but i don’t like the sound, i need to compress it. someone who helps me?? 🖤 thanks!
Ryan Vega
if your daw has a stock one just use that one, and if not you'll need to find one on the web, tbh any should do. I've made some pretty cool mixes using just the stock plug-ins ableton comes with tbh. If you have one though this guy helped me a lot when I was first learning eq and compression

His tutorials are all based in ableton which is what I have but if you're just trying to learn how to compress it'll be the same in any daw once you got it, you got it.

There's a lot of info on how to do it out there but there's not necessarily one right way, so if it seems overwhelming don't worry, just remember to have fun with it
Good luck!
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Calvin Phillips
If one can't compress normalizing will do just as well. The only difference is it wont put the sound in a range. All itll do is normalize it to the highest peak being what you wanna set it to. I do 22dbs for bass and vocals when I need to.
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trying to work on Afterlife, damn it the solo is so damn difficult 😂, i think it will take some years to me ^^
Is it common to play your own piece of music so much that it starts to sound stupid to you?? 😂😭

Have decided that I won't post the blog links cause i dont think anyone is really going to them due to having to sign in. Id post them here if the status would fit 3500 characters. We need a blog feature here.
hey family! how are you?🖤🤘
i just wanted to say that I'm sorry but i definitely won't be able to participate in the contest. i promised, i made a commitment to organize everything, record the spoken parts, I had in mind to do a backing track by myself and record everything myself, every instrument. it was cool. i feel guilty for not being able to participate but too much shit has happened to me in the last few days and i have had the opportunity to record no instruments and i won’t be able to. i had worked hard. i’m terribly sorry and i know it's not the end of the world, but it was something i cared about. but i’m sure there will be other contests and other opportunities as well.🤘🤘
I'll chill today, or at least this morning. I need a break after 2 week of 6-12 hours of guitar

Chill for me means play guitar but not for learning anything or improving any ability, just because xd
Thanks to everyone who gave me tips and advices for learning all the fretboard notes, now I can track notes. Obviously not as fast as someone who has been doing it for months or years, but I can tell what I'm playing and recognize scales, chords, 7ths, minors, etc..
Back in the saddle again! I'm back!

Took a bit of a break for the holidays. I was playing a lot leading up to the beginning of December with a cover group. I'm out! Doing my own thing for a while. Going to try to write 52 songs in 52 weeks. It will be terrible, at least in the beginning but I expect I will get better after 52 attempts at good song writing.

Let's go!
I'm having such a headache trying to buy a used guitar. I think the seller is trying to scam me 😫 I'll just go to a music store and buy something new and cheap, 'cause I'm on a budget. Oh, God...
@Radu-Cristian Perde I did a little research and talked to my cousin, who has more experience with those things, and he said the price of the guitar was a little high for something that wasn't new. And then I asked the guy who's selling it to send me a video, testing the guitar, so I could see how was everything working and show it to a friend of mine who's been playing the guitar for years; and the guy told me he took off the strings, because he wasn't using the guitar, so he couldn't send me a video.
@Radu-Cristian Perde Also, I'm not sure if this kind of guitar is still being made, 'cause I searched for it on Google and couldn't find any place to buy it. The only two offers I found available were from sellers who had their offer paused, 'cause they were classified as not reliable (but I could see the price of a new product and it was almost the same as the used one that the guy was trying to sell me). So, I think it's better if I go to music store and talk to professionals, try and buy something that is good, but that's also affordable.
Radu-Cristian Perde
Radu-Cristian Perde
@redlipsofdeceit I used to work in music retail so if ever, I can help you out with that. I am also curious what model he is selling and what price! And also, you can find some gems in the used market but then again, it depends of where you are in the world so yeah a music store may be your best bet
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