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does anyone know how to play pitched harmonics without repicking how Syn used it in So Far Away? I am trying to learn some solos, but I don't play pitched harmonics well (I can't play PH when I want, but I can play it when I don't want to). Maybe I can't do it because I have the wrong settings of gain, height, and bass. I am using an overdrive build in combo and my superstrat is Cort KX100 BMK.
Thanks for any help.
So I didn’t post a bat country solo update... I’m honestly a little bummed out cuz I didn’t really improve from last video and that’s why I didn’t update. I’m at a point where I’m struggling to move up in speed. I know I’m gonna improve but I gotta push myself a bit more!
What's your step by step on how to learn faster solos in the most efficient way.
Learn them slow first, once you have the muscle memory and can play it clear you can start focussing on speed.

Centzless is live. I'll be highlighting the entire album as every song has.an theory idea behind it. Ill tell you whether I achieved my idea or not and why
Brian! You should make a custom-s model black w/ dark blue pin stripes and call it the “ Nightmare “ 🔥🎶🤘🏻 Also you can take another guitar and put all burnt chrome hardware on it “ rainbow “
Been throwing together new drum tracks to new riffs I made up. I watched a few videos of techniques and cymbal work and decided to add it to my takes. I could probably get my buddy ryan to do tracks himself but we got our other band going on so I don't wanna over whelm him. And although I could use these songs in that band he seems to wanna write the lyrics and I don't see myself being a vocal stand point In this band so I'll focus more on song writing guitar riffs instead. And use my solo stuff for others.more to come.
Im not sure how this is laid out or where the proper place for this but ive been playing for about a year and half and am finally getting around to being able to play without clunking notes or hitting wrong strings consistently. Heres an attempt at one of the So Far Away Solos. Id welcome and feedback and criticism as well as if anyone can point me to a rules thread or anything.
Long story short: a few months ago I rage quit over being told that my notes were uneven, leaving with a sarcastic comment. However, I still checked the site and watched the occasional lession. After a few months, I decided to begin practicing on my guitar again and attempting to learn the MIA solo provided me with a diagnosis to my problems (particularly, the really bad picking technique that I had where I tried to use a plucking motion while speed picking). Anyways, I hope to reupload many of the videos that I posted on here months ago with cleaner and more efficient playing.
When sweeping, How would you mute the B string on an upstroke? Thanks
Muz Malek
Muz Malek
You can try to control/minimize the up-picking distance and/or tilt the side of your picking hand to just lightly touch the B string so it's fairly muted.

Do it slowly and experiment with even the slightest angle of your hand, and you'll get the hang of it ;)
Are you suggesting I use side of my pinky to mute high strings