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Thank you. I’m not usually a very open person about my personal life on here...but y’all have been my family more than most of my own family besides my parents, grandpa, and aunt...Please send lots of love and good wishes my way. I could not thank y’all enough.
I'm a little ashamed to say it's been a couple of weeks since I practiced, after I cut my stupid finger; but I was motivated and inspired to pick it up again today, and I'm working on CAGED system stuff now.

And I sort of??? understand it. I think. Maybe. I'm starting to, at least. 😄
I slept with a big smile on my face after the webinar, and woke up thinking it was a dream that I got to talk to my guitar hero.

It was a huge pleasure to have met everyone and had no regrets staying up till 4am Singapore Time!!

This community, like what was mentioned, has become its own platform for people to positively inspire one another, a lifestyle, basically its on social media, so to speak, so am definitely looking forward to more especially in the new upcoming site!!

CHEERS! :rock-hand::syn::rock-hand:
It was great to have the opportunity to be with @Syn Gates, @Brian Haner Sr. and all of my SGS friends today!
Thank you so much, Syn, for aswering my question and for creating this community. Thank you, Papa Gates, for also creating this amazing place, and for always being here with us and for everything you teach us!
Thank you to the amazing staff who put this together!
This has truly been the best day of my life! ❤
That was a dang good stream, everybody! Thanks to the staff for putting it on. 🥰 It was so rad to get to chill with everyone, put faces to names, and hang out with @Syn Gates and @Brian Haner Sr. ! Can't wait to see what's coming next!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻
OMG!!!! The live stream with @Syn Gates & @Brian Haner Sr. was amazing!!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was a huge pleasure spend this hours with you!!! <3

Can't waiiiiiit to see how the school will be with all those good changes you guys shared with us!
And I also wanna thanks to this beautiful staff @Alicia Willis @laurenf @Mike Creuzer to make this day so special for all Synner fans.

Lol i am not being able to take lessons since the past weeks cuz i broke my high e and b string😂😢. Still have to complete the economy picking lessons 🤘.